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Led Face Mask

Led Face Mask

  • Safe Skin Care Photon Beauty Instrument: Specially designed for facial beauty, using LED natural light waves to transmit to the skin, help activate collagen, promote skin collagen growth, make the skin more transparent and white, tighten pores, and make the skin Tighten, improve skin brightness, smoother and more elastic, accelerate detoxification, effectively accelerate skin metabolism, and promote skin toxin excretion. No needles, safe and fast treatment and skin protection.
  • Multi-effect Face Mask Beauty Instrument: This LED face mask provides 7 colors, and different colors have different effects. Each light (which does not produce heat) provides different effects for specific skin problems. It can meet your various beauty needs. The best choice for home facial beauty equipment!
  • High-Quality and Non-Heating LED Lights: LED lights use natural light waves to activate photoreceptor cells in skin cells to produce energy for skin components to absorb, increase skin elasticity, and help repair aging skin and improve firmness.
  • Healthy and Durable Skin Care Beauty Device: This beauty device does not contain chemicals and ultraviolet rays, provides the power of mature science and technology, easy and effective treatment methods, suitable for all types of skin, and simple and convenient to use, whether at home, office, etc. Both can be used to supplement your skin with nutrients during rest.
  • Packaging : 1  box contains: 1 phototherapy mask, 1 remote control, 1 plug adapter, 1 USB cable, 1 user manual. 
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