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2 days

1400 € / Kων/λεως 11, 2202 Λευκωσία, Κύπρος

Service Description

Become an Expert in "EZ PMU POWDER BROWS"
by the International Master Trainer Asteroula Tasiou Private
Online Education or 1 to 1 at your place.


NOW : €1400 (from: €2000 ) Prices are excluded VAT .

Course duration: 16 hours.

Price offer includes education, equipment, pigments and accessories (total value €600 )

- Full education on the PMU Powder & Ombre techniques.

- DAY 1: Theory * Advanced Brow Architecturing -Practice on latex

- DAY 2: Practice on 3 models (you provide the models)

- Course program, theory booklet, recommended pricelist, aftercare, consent form will be sent to you after booking and advance payment via email.

- If the course will be held online equipment and products will be send to you by courier prior the course date.

- If the course will take place at your salon then you will receive equipment and products upon arrival of the International Master Trainer.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please inform us at east 48 hours in advance! Thank you!

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