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Black Head Vacuum Remover

110 €

Excluding Tax

  • Blue light sterilization, no skin damage The blue light sterilization mode is automatically turned on when the machine is turned on, which is absolutely safe and does not damage the skin. Our pore vacuum suction technology makes it easier to suck away sebum secretions and impurities, while performing skin care, vacuuming away dead cells and impurities. After consistent use, you can easily get clean and fresh skin.

  • Professional and multifunctional This blackhead device can effectively solve a variety of skin problems. It can effectively remove blackheads, acne, oil, exfoliation, dust mites, and pores, and bring you smooth skin. Compared with traditional blackhead cleaning methods, it is safer and more effective. Correctly remove blackheads and without leaving any tingling sensation.

  • 3 gears and one key control There are three intensity levels, the first gear is suitable for dry skin, the second gear is suitable for normal skin, and the third gear is suitable for oily skin. Different levels of suction strength are sufficient to meet the needs of different skins. Before use, please apply heat for 3-5 minutes to open the pores, and use the blackhead extracting liquid to make the blackheads appear on the skin surface. Do not let the probe stay on the same skin for too long.

  • 6 probes portable skin care We provide 3 soft probes and 3 hard probes. The small probe is suitable for the nose or wing of the nose, and the large probe is suitable for the cheeks, forehead, chin, etc. The soft probe is suitable for people with thin skin. Please choose a suitable probe according to your actual experience and different skin types. The rechargeable portable blackhead meter makes cleaning and skin care easier.

  • Cleaning and curing 2-in-1 Ultra-fine bubbles inject nutrients into natural hair follicles while cleaning, and the two-in-one cleaning and curing breaks the traditional physical brute force dry absorption. Gentle water absorption, cleans pores, and can easily suck out deep dirt. You can pour an appropriate amount of liquid into the container according to your needs.

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